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Private Work

Private Work is made up of commissions for the following:
– Sculptures made in my Carving Barn. They can vary in size and price. Generally starting at 1′ or 2′ high and going up from there. Sometimes to well over 6′ !
– Carving in-situ of a tree trunk or stump in someone’s garden.
Whichever option you choose, I will work closely with you, go through your ideas, and formulate a plan for your tree.
Every job I do is completely different, so I have to let the budget dictate the size, complexity and finish of the carving.
For instance – sometimes it is not possible to carve the client’s stump that is in situ, for a variety of reasons. In these circumstances a sculpture can be made off site and then added on, and shaped to fit. You would struggle to see the join !